Landing on Mars and defeating a cricket team using eleven players became outdated in the past 24 hours.



Those of you visiting here again, I request you to bear my horrid articles and forgive me for not publishing any material for the past 6-7 months. I promise I’ll be more regular from now onwards.

P.S.- Even the bio on the right is outdated. (With that egregious grammatical error XD) I’ll slowly rework everything. ūüėČ


Until a few days ago, I was frustrated with most of the people I had encountered. I had somehow¬†managed to get a group of connectable people with me and lived blissfully in my hand-picked collection. It is days like today, which make me wonder about the choices I’ve made. Self-doubt clouds over my usually – abnormally, almost irritatingly – confident self.

Tonight I wonder, was I fed up of people I had encountered, or am I fed up with the whole of society in general? Is todays predicament (the latter) somehow related to the former resolution?


Sunday-Monday – Ordinary to Extreme
Woke up at 8. Going slow throughout the day, chilling. Sleep at 1600 hrs and wake up at 1800 hrs. Continue chilling until 2200 hrs. Now why would I blog about this. Keep reading, and pay close attention to detail. Now I open my computer book and start studying ( The exam was on the next day :P). I soon hit super mode, and then realised that it won’t last longer than an hour. So after about 40 mins, I went and made myself coffee to keep my brain functioning at the highest possible level. The coffee I made was enough to make me nearly throw up three times while I was drinking it. Now I get back to reading my textbook. I was done with the syllabus by 0300 hrs Monday morning. Time to sleep. Continue reading W9Y2014